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Whether you’re a homeowner,  business,
or institution,
we have the best quality & price procured from
three of our selected manufacturers and skilled workers.
Three negotiated and successfully reduced prices
per product & service.
Unlike individual companies
who have only their products to offer you,
our approach, to save you time & serve you well,
is to select the best of three.



Just a brief synopsis on how I got started:

I started developing my decorating & design skills
during middle chool, while working in my family’s
shade & wallpaper store within midtown Manhattan,.
I graduated Iona college &
landed my first job within the hospitality industry.

Jump forward a few years,
I remained in the industry,
and worked as a regional manager
for a world-renowned
Italian linen company in Florida.
I managed & sold bed, bath, and table linen to
four and five-star resorts, hotels, private country clubs,
five-diamond restaurants,
cruise lines, and spas.
While doing so, my suggestions went beyond linens
and were recognized by hotel executives.
From bathroom & guest room linens, color, and style,
I advanced onto dining rooms & lobby decor and design.
I branched out on my own, returned to New York, and launched
Beyond Elegance Inc., in 2010.

Today, I've added more product groups
& expanded my markets to include residential, education, and medical facilities.
I make sure my workers & I are always current and “in the know’
on recent trends, colors, and styles.
Continuing education, seminars, and trade shows
(such as NYIAD, IDS, ASID, IDEA, BD, HX, etc.)
improve our knowledge base, creativity, and skill set;
so we can offer you only those
products, colors, and fabrics, that are
in vogue.

5. Black Gray & Cream LR-1


Our services embrace our innate talent for collecting ideas, and creating products or interiors with
your brand image or personal style in mind.

  • Research for design development
  • Color Palette and Paint Selection 
  • Faux Painting and Murals
  • Wall covering selection
  • Space & Room Planning
  • Product sourcing and procurement
  • Metal & Material Finishes, Stains, & Varnish Selections
  • Marble & Stone Repair & Refinishing
  • Fixtures & Lighting Selection
  • Furniture selection, design & layout
  • Cabinet Selection
  • Window Treatment & Drapery Fabrication or Selection
  • Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning
  • Re-Upholstery Services
  • Table & Bed linen Rental Service
  • Project Management & Budget Supervision
  • Will obtain permits if required

We have a workroom,
an appropriate group of local contractors,
and craftsmen that enable us to complete
your project with ease, according to plan,
and in time.


We’ve gathered an array of quality products &
narrowed them down to achieve striking results
within every project

  • Fabrics
  • Bed, Bath, & Table Linen
  • Drapery, Hardware, & Window Treatments
  • Bedding, Pillows & Cushions
  • Upholstered Cornices & Headboards
  • Motorized Solar & Romans Shades
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
     Residential & Contract
     Office & Outdoor
  • Area Rugs, Flooring, & Carpeting
  • Art & Accessories
  • Acoustic Panels (Decorative Art, Ceiling Clouds) & Materials
  • Acoustic Draperies
  • Covid 19 Interior/Exterior Secured Offices

    & Safeguards
    Most of our manufacturers are within the local area [intended for factory visits (if need be) less traffic & air pollution].

Hotel Marble & Stone during Restoration
Chair Frame Detailed Refinishing

From start to finish,
we take pride in customizing the
perfect design
that’s visually appealing and functional
to your lifestyle or business

ceiling red and blue


The right décor, colors, and furniture can transform an unattractive space into a chic and cozy nook; or an unfriendly work- space, into a motivational environment.

Keep in mind, your surroundings are a critical part of your day to day life. Certain shades of color will not only pull a room together but can create a sense of well-being for your family members, guests, students or patients.

Design is a science and the psychology of color affects your overall mood.  Color schemes, wallpaper and other décor materials also contribute to your frame of mind and productivity.

Whether it’s color palette & selection, adding shade motorization, or simply just reupholstering a sofa, we’ll take the time to do our research, professional sourcing, and offer the appropriate choices suitable for your space or project.

Mural for hospitality


From professional, sleek and modern, to innovative and luxurious,
Beyond Elegance can
bring some fresh enhancements to your
commercial interior
or will create a design that suits your
brand image effectively.

An array of our products & services are apt for
hotel lobbies guest rooms & bathrooms, restaurants,
country clubs, cruise lines & spas.
Designer fabrics and leathers are
sold to the hospitality industry
at close-to-wholesale pricing
when cornices, bedspreads & draperies, shades,
headboards and/or upholstery services are ordered.

Mulino's Fairway Room

Quality uniform and linen services
are also available

Beyond Elegance
together with a
local uniform and linen
rental company
provide top quality products,
exceptional 24/7 service,


  • The same discounted price as with larger companies
  • An extra eye on quality control
  • Personal hands on service that's second to none
  • Accurate quotes on estimates and delivery dates
  • Delivery and Installation supervision
  • Follow up, without delay, to ensure satisfaction

As an owner or manager,
you know how important it is for
your place of business to look its best.
Our practical applications and ideas
meet that objective.

Uncomfortable seating,poor acoustics, poor lighting,
or awkwardly placed tablescan prevent your clients from returning.
Your establishment needs to work in harmony with its space.
Along side your delicious cuisine and outstanding service,
your guests expect their
surroundings to be
above par.

Our appropriate colors, fabrics, furniture, and lighting
will enhance your brand image
and enrich your guest's experience.

Your menu or hospitality
with our design will not only
attract customers to your establishment,
but will keep them
coming back for more


Enjoy viewing some of
our hospitality & residential projects


Color research and planning, is a vital part of the design process.
Before even beginning the design,
we will choose or help you choose the appropriate colors
that will effectively re-enforce the overall tone or theme of your home.
Certain shades of color
will not only pull a room together,
but create a sense of well-being.

The proper design and décor will not only improve your overall setting,
but will bring pleasure and comfort to your loved one's surroundings.

We’ll initially meet with you
learn about your preferences,
perfect your style down to its core,
and suggest those designs that will suit
your standard of living perfectly.

So, start creating your wish list today.

You’ll be involved as much or as little as you want.
We can use some items already in your home
or start from scratch.
Whichever you prefer.

When completed, you'll come home
to a warm cozy & relaxing environment
that expresses both you and your family.

     Reason why Beyond Elegance
stands out from the rest:

  • We offer any one, to all, of our products and/or services. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, fabricate new cushions and pillows for your breakfast nook, or just want us to re-upholster a chair,you can count on us for any job, regardless of size.
  • Plus, homeowners receive the same quantifiable discounts that our larger clients get. Shhhh

Our craftsmen are re-upholsterers for all sorts of seating,
& fabricators for roman shades, draperies, cornices,
headboards, and cushions.
Our contractors are reliable, plus, we have a
master at repairing or refinishing
any type of existing stone or marble you may have.

We've culminate our resources to make your space look collected, but unique.

Modern or Traditional, Old Victorian or Country, Shabby
Chic or Industrial, Rustic, or Eclectic,
we’ll help you select the right style.

Today’s designs mix and match.
Older styles can mix with new
improved materials and finishes.
Nothing is set in stone.
The possibilities are endless, and we
tie it all in for that appealing look.

Education & Medical FACILITIES

Since institutions are faced with evolving demands
for high performance solutions,
Beyond Elegance creates bold methods to accommodates
today’s technology, promotes efficiency and functionality
for schools, senior living, doctor’s offices & medical facilities. 
We work with your staff to address the working conditions
faced by your personnel, while also considering
your patients and students.

17. Medical Nursing Home Patient's room

Not only will our suggested colors, layouts and designs calm and relax anxiety ridden undergraduates or patients, but we also make sure all locations are sanitary. Most waiting rooms and schools are hotspots for colds, flu’s and other germs. To help avoid infectious microbes from spreading, we safeguard sterile rooms by using stain resistant, durable krypton materials, and antimicrobial fabrics, for your chairs, sofas, & bedding.

With a safe and relaxed environment, your students, patients and staff will feel the tranquility that will contribute to their overall wellbeing. Combining a beautifully decorated & comfortable surrounding with your service and pleasant staff, will help to improve your reputation and increase your referral base.



18. Mercy Rotunda



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